Hi, I'm Jakiaya and here at the LSU Center For Computation & Technology, I learned many new things about computers that I haven't learned before. I even learned how to make my own movies and videos! This program definitely taught me how to better use my time and it teaches discipline. I like going to this camp because most people think that learning about computers are boring, but this camp makes it fun. It's challenging and it raises kids' minds up to a higher level of thinking. I think that every kid should get a chance to go to this camp to enrich their minds.

My Graph

    This is the function  graph I  made.  As you can see  there are two lines going horizontally then  upward.  I did this by typing in the  function  f(x)=8/x^8.
    We also learned to make movies Samantha and I worked together to come up with the movie below.I hope you enjoy it.

My movie