June 14. 2011

Pictures of me and my friends!

June 15. 2011
   Yesterday I woke up and came here in the morning. And when I sat down and got comfortable Mrs. Kathy started like teaching and talking about computers. A couple hours later we just started playing on the computers, then ate lunch. Then a couple more hours we went home and when i got home i got on my computer, listened to music, and ate cake. Then later I waited to my show came on which is " All worked Up". So when that went off I went to bed.  

June 16. 2011
So today i came again in the morning and got on the computer, then was skyping my friends. So we like worked on stuff all day then we ate food and listen to music.  So after we ate we went to look at at the LSU library to see what the student be doing sometimes. I learned how to
 make a blog and make movies in this LSU camp, i really enjoyed being here alot because now i know alot more about computers that i didnt know. So im like very glad i came here.

June 17. 2011
And now its the last day of camp, its kinda depressing because im really gonna miss it alot and miss the people who I met here. The teachers were really nice, they helped out with anything I needed help with.
This is my video!

this is my interview