Hi, my name is Seryna.

For the past  few days I have been at a day camp called Alice in Computation Land.At the camp I have been learning to make animation movies and worlds.Computation  Land is hard at first but it's really easy.I am interested in a lot of technolo
gy sites so I came to this camp.Hope you enjoy my web page  and my movie called Dancing Cones.  MyVideo.mov  

On Wednesday, we learned to make functions.My function was  399^sin(x).It looked like  a series of waves.Here's a picture of it.

On Thursday we had a visit. We got to learn about the universe.We also made a more complicated function. IT WAS FUN!Before that we went to visit the museum.That just gave me the creeps from looking at bugs.Also we interviewed each other on IMovie.             Seryna.mov

On Friday,the last day,we learned their was going to be a prize for the best page.Later on we all went to visit ........Mike the Tiger.Today was a lot of fun  but I will miss all the things  I did at the camp.