Yesterday we learned how to put our movies on the Internet. Today we are putting the last touches on the website by adding our movies, backgrounds, etc. Our teacher said that at the end of every class we will upgrade to make it the best. I like this class a lot, but what I really want to know is how to create a website. My favorite hobbies are drawing and sometimes reading. When I draw, I like to draw what I feel because sometimes it helps me feel better when I feel down or if I'm in a tough situation.

This is the last day of camp. I can't believe it! Today we are going to have a contest to see who has the best website can't believe it I'm so anxious. Yesterday though we went and made a few more additions to our website to make it even better we made a interview! It was so much fun. We had to put it on our webpage. I can't believe it's almost over!

Today we are all trying our best to finish up our website! I'm so excited to see Mike the Tiger. Can't wait to see him. I hope he is up and active by the time we get there because I don't want to see him sleep.

Yesterday we went to a website and we played around with functions. We took a picture of them and placed ours on our websites. We also went in a building and we saw the supercomputers. I can't believe camp is almost over!

We just went to go see Mike the Tiger. Just as I thought, he was asleep! We then went inside to work on our webpages for the contest. It's in a hour or so. I'm so excited. We have good websites on the page. When we went to go in the store they have some expensive stuff--I didn't buy a thing. Taylor and my friend Amber bought cute bows. I'm so excited I'm about to jump through the ceiling. Right now most people are on Youtube or on gaming websites. I just can't believe camp is almost over!

This is my video!
This is my interview!

This is SpongeBob. He's my favorite character!