June 14, 2011: Yesterday we started a video.  We just played around on the computer.  It was fun!  Today we finished the video and started our website.  We also went on a field trip to the library and computer lab.  I like playing on computers.  What we do is fun.  I like that we can listen to music while we work.  I like to listen to music, watch t.v., play sports, and hang out with my friends.  The sports I do the most are soccer, softball, and basketball.  I like to learn how to make cartoons like Spongebob because he's my favorte cartoon.
This is my video: Alice video

June 16, 2011: Yesterday we did some Math. If we answered a question right we got a piece of chocolate! What we learned was called functions. Today we interviewed each other. I interviewed Jakiaya and she interviewed me. We had fun today. After lunch we went to art museum and looked at animals. We stayed there for a while and walked back.

This is our interview: Interview