My name is Jayla. Yestarday we made videos. Today we are working on making  a  website. My background is tweety I love tweety bird. After Alice and Alice in Computation land camp, I went to dance practice. I was so exausted yestarday. I ate and went to bed right away.  I am still mad at my mom for coming late to pick me up. Other than that Alice Camp was fun.                

  Today is my second day of Alice in Computation land. I woke up late but I made it to camp on time. We ate muffins today. The room was stinking from the cabbage. PE PHEW! Everybody went outside for a breath. WE are going to eat Italian i dont like italian.I love the food like the bread. The least thing would be sitting for hours straight.                                                                

  My intrest is dancing and cheerleading. I been dancing since I was 2 years old. I also like drawing. My dad wants me to write books for him,but I want
f/to do a movie instead.My mom thinks I should be a teacher im thinking on it. My DREAM job is to be a fashion designer.I would like to learn to make a website and publish it.

my alice video

   Hey, this is the 4th day of Alice in Computation land. We went to  an art  gallery with real amimals that are dead. The  food is extremly good. I did an interview and I gave Ally an interview. I might come back here next year. It's a lot of fun here. I wish I could be here everyday. My friends are super cool. Ms.Kathy  and Dennis has taught me so much. I will be back.

Abby interviewing me