Alice in computation land
    I would like to learn alot about computers.Hopefully I will learn alot!!!
1st day of camp

My name is Emily.Today  I started coming to the alice in computation land  camp. It teaches you all about  computers and how to use them.Today we made a movie on  the software called alice 2.2. It was cool to learn all about  how to make the characters move and talk. Before we could do this  we had to do the turtorial.If you would like to see my movie click on alice movie at the bottom of the screen.I hope you like it because it took a long time to do but I put my best work into it.

2nd day of camp

So today we finished working on our movies .  Then we picked out a background for this page.My background didn't work so I had to get ms. kathy to do it for me. After that we recorded our movie and put it on this page.Next we took a break for lunch .  Then we went to the library and looked at some of the 
computers they use.It wasn't like your normal library .It had  way more computers than I thought it would.

   3rd day of camp
   Today we learned a lot about functions.We also  took a field trip to super computer machine room. It was pretty cool because we learned all kinds of things. One thing we learned was why they had to keep the room cold.they have to keep the room cold because the machines are really hot.Also because if the air would go out it would get really hot and the computers wouldn't work right anymore.

       4th day of camp
        Today we  worked on our interview. It was pretty fun but at first we ran into a problem. I didn't have imovie on my desktop so i had to partner up with my friend Sarah. We had a lot of fun.We also had a guess speaker come and we learned a lot from him.He taught all about the big bang theory which was really cool because I knew nothing about that until he taught me.I recommend this camp to everyone.It really helps you learn what you need to learn.

   5th day of camp
      Today we worked some more on our webpage. Just putting some finishing touches on them.I had a really fun time going to this camp.I wish it could lasts all summer long!!! I loved all of the things i learned. I feel like I'm prepared for 7th grade.

This is my movie: alice movie 
my interview:                                      

my function