June 14, 2011  

Today and yesterday at camp we worked on our movies on the Alice program. We also played on different social networking sites. We were able to experiment with things that we had never used before. We also got to eat pizza and hung out with our friends.  I really enjoyed all this time with friends and computers. I really like how we get to use computers to experiment with different softwares. But i don't like some of the softwares we use. My favorite things to do are to play soccer with Baton Rouge Soccer Club and hang out with my friends from my soccer club and from school. I would love to learn about website design and how to make my own brand new website.

June 17, 2011

Wednesday at camp we went to go see the super computer. We saw a whole bunch of electronic devises I had never seen before. I learned about the other schools and companys that store some of their information in LSU's building in case of an emergency. I think its so cool how I have my own website on line! Because today is the last day we get to spend the whole time working on our websites. So i'm going to share what I've learned this week. On Monday we were told what we were going to do all week and started working on our movies. On Tuesday we continued to work on out movies and experimented with new softwares. And we also saw the library. on Wednesday we went and saw the super computer and worked on functions and graphing them. And then today we get to make modifications to our website and talk to our friends.


This is my movie : My Alice
Movie my graph