Alice in Computation Land           

Monday, June 13, 2011.

Hey! My name is Abby and today was the first day of camp here at Alice in Computation Land. We all had our own MacBook Pros! I didn't really learn anything new but it was fun working with the laptops. We were able to meet everybody that was working at Alice in Computation Land. Mrs. Kathy is our counselor and she was letting us introduce ourselves today.  We have this program on the computer called Alice 2.2. You make your own 3-D world and you can play around with different objects. You can pick from different backgrounds, objects, and people, then you can make the things animated and move like real life. Tomorrow, we are making websites to put videos of our world on it. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011.

Today, we made our own websites and guess what? Your looking at mine! We played around a little on Alice 2.2 and then we recorded our worlds. I have two videos. One of a ice skater and another of an amusement park. If you want to see them look below this entry. Today I did learn something, well two things actually. I learned how to make a website and how to record worlds on Alice 2.2. Later today, Mrs. Ashley Cebrowski was talking to us about D.N.A samples and about D.N.A. She brought us to a website called: . Then, she also gave us another website called: . They were cool websites. I am so glad she came! Today was so cool.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

For our "field trip" today, we went to the "Big Super Computer Machine Room" and we took a tour and saw all the power sources, the power boxes, and other places in Louisiana computers and technology stuff. It was pretty cool. Once we got back to our room we went on  a website called . This was the function website that you will see below with my function. We were supposed to make a function that looked really cool on a coordinate grid. Today we made a math function online. At first I didn't understand it at first, but I kind of got it at the end. We put our function on here and right below you will see it. Hope you think it's cool.

Thursday, June 16, 2011.

Today, we had interviews with a partner. My partner was Jayla. She was interviewing me. We had about 5 questions to ask. 1. What do you like to eat? 2. Do you have any pets? If so what is their name(s)? 3. What is your name? 4. What do you like to do (hobbies) ? 5. Why did you choose to come to this camp? Anyway, I think those were the questions. Oh well. Later, we went to the Natural Science Museum. It was kind of weird having dead animals in there. It freaked me out at first, like about having dead things stare at me. It was really cool seeing all the other types if animals, reptiles, and other creatures. Later, we went back to our room. Then Dr. Juana Moreno and Dr. Param Singh taught us some stuff about science. First, Dr. Singh talked about the "big bang" theory that Albert Einstein thought of and he had a powerpoint. After he talked, Dr. Moreno brought us to this website at LSU. We went to the science part and it brought all these links up. We were able to explore different websites about science theories and videos about science. One of the videos were really cool. It was: The video was called "Molecules to the Max". It looked like a 3-D ride and it was teaching you about molecules. This was an exciting day.

Friday, June 17, 2011.

Today, we had another guest speaker today. Her name was Mrs. Beth O'Quinn and she works at IBM. She talked to us a little about herself, her job, and how she started working at IBM.Then she asked if we had any questions. Later today, we visited Mike the tiger. I don't know which place he is, either 5th or 6th. He is a great mascot to LSU!!! Unfortunately, he wasn't awake when we visited him, but when we were about to go, some of us saw him stretching and yawning! But while he was sleeping, he was breathing REALLY hard. Some of us thought he was running after something! He looked so peaceful and cute even though there was people yelling at him to wake up! We also went to the gift shop by Mike the tiger. It was sad to leave Mikey! This is my last day here at camp!

Video of Amusement Park My Movie
Video of the Ice Skater My Other Movie
My interview movie! My Interview
My math function:
My Function