Day 1 of camp

 Today was the first day of camp. Today i came to LSU to start this camp. So far this camp is fun. As soon as we got there we listen to Mrs. Kathy talk about what we were going to do . We got started by using this software called Alice 2.2. You can create a virtual world. If you look on this page you can view my world. I hope you like my world.

Day 2 of camp

Today on the second day of camp we finished up our world. When we finished up our world we recorded it. When you record it it turns in to a video. Today was real fun. The video we recorded is going to be on this web page it should be on there already. I hope you enjoy the video of my world. 

Day 3 of camp

Today was the third day of camp. Today we learned about functions and we went on a field trip. We even made a function that you can see on my website. Today we went on a field trip to the super computer machine room. We looked at how the computers were powered. We learned that in case something would happen at another college the other college could bring there stuff to LSU before in case there things would get lost. After we took the tour we went to the third floor and played hangman. Yesterday was really fun.

Day 4 of camp

Today was a fun day at camp we had lots of we learned about gravity. We also went to a cool museum. We had fun at the museum there were many animals there. The museum was called The Museum of Natural Science. At camp we also learned about molecules.  

Day 5 of camp

Today was  the fifth day of camp we  did many different things .  We  worked on our websites  in the morning . We had another guest speaker named Beth O'Quinn. She talked about her job at the IBM. She talked about how her father did this job and it caused her to travel many places as a kid. After she spoke we ate lunch then left for our final field trip. We went see Mike the tiger. He slept the whole time many people tried to wake him up. But it didn't work. So we went shop instead. Today was a fun last day of camp. 

What else I would like to learn

Another thing I would like to learn at camp is how to do different types of things on the computer but having fun at the same time. I hope to have more fun within the next few days at camp.                                                                         

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