My name is Lenetra.Yesterday was my first time coming to Alice In Computation Land . I was nervous because it was my first time coming and  I didn't know anyone there but my cousins Miyah & Zahria. Yesterday I was on Facebook,I was on Youtube,talked to my friends,Ate lunch,ate snacks,went outside,& meet new people.Also yesterday I  was laughing at  my classmate Bre because she was acting silly.Yesterday was alot of fun but I came to camp thinking it was going to be doing but it was very,very FUN.Also yesterday  I went to vacation Bible School and that was very fun to &  I expected it to be boring.  Today  we went to the Library. We ate lunch.We made a web page. I listened to music on youtube. I got on Facebook because I got bored . Also I laughed & talked to my cousins Miyah & Zahria. I would  like to learn How to design a web page. What I like about  this camp is we get free time & we get to talkin when we do our work.

Her it is: