Hi my name is Leah!!!!!!!

     For the past few days i've been going to a camp called Alice in Computationland.It is really fun we get to play on MacBooks.I got on skype  and I was texting my friend Madison. We talked about what we're doin this summer...... I played on Nick.com and The slap.com. I went to the library with my camp to look at the computers......!!!!! I really want to learn how to work with computers and how to fix lots of problems on the laptops:):) I luv playing on the computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      In camp I listened to music on youtube.....We ate pizza,pasta,brownies,cookies,and muffins.!!!! On youtube I listend to Price tag,I need somebody,The lazy songs,Say my name,and That should be me........Today  we put last finishing touches on our web page we had some trouble but it was fun and awesome. On Wednesday we  made functoins and recorded music  :):):):):):):):):):):):):)......Today is Friday June 17,2011 and it is the last day of camp i'm going  to miss all the friends i've made here.My favorite part out of this whole camp is going to see Mike the Tiger!!!!! I LUV COMPUTER CAMP:):)

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