Hi, my name is Angel. I created this web page because I am part of the LSU Center For Computation and Technology.

For the past few days we have been learning about how to create animation worlds and movies, with help from Alice 2.2. I really like the camp because we get to create our own worlds and stories, no matter how weird or strange they may be. It's pretty hard to do though, but once your done, it's really cool. Some of the things that I am interested in are art and music. I spend plenty of time on the computer at home, which is why my  mom decided to put me in this
program. I'd like to learn how to know a lot more about computers. I hope that you enjoy my movie. Thanks for  visiting my web page. This is my video!

On Wednesday we learned how to create functions. My function was x*x^x*4. It used to look like a giant check mark, but I changed it. Here is a picture of my function.
                                      my function


On Thursday we interviewed each other.  Here is my iterview.