Hey, My name is Shajuan and this is my web page!

 On Monday, i went to Alice in Computation land Camp and had so much fun! I met a lot of new girls there and enjoyed playing on a mac. Then I went home to practice with my volleyball and work on my serves. Tuesday, I came to camp to work  on my website. We learned how to add our videos onto the website. It was hard at first, but i got it! Wednesday, we went walking and were downloading a software fetch because we didn't  know how to save changes on the web page. We also walking to the labatory and got to see where they keep the big computers. Today we are going to see Mike the tiger.  I love volleyball, basketball, football. I have an interest in movies, reading, listening to music having fun wit the homies, skating, dancing, and swimming. What i want to learn the most at this camp is to learn is technology on the computer.   
The Carnival