Information About Editor
My name is Amber, I attend KST as an 8th grader. As you can see from the background i am a big Hollister fan, but thats not the only thing i'm a fan of, I am also a big fan of computers. I first used a computer when I was 2 years old.
 Reason Why I Decided To Come To Alice In Computation Land
 I decided to come to this camp because I wanted to learn more about computer, I already know alot about computers, but when I came to Alice In Computation Land surprisingly I learned stuff I did not know.  

Monday, June 13,2011

Was my first day at Alice In Computation Land. When I first walked in the first thing that caught my attention was the MacBook Pro laptops, they were pretty cool. When we walked in the class we had breakfast bars and juice.Afterwards we got introduced to the Alice program, so we can get a better understanding. Alice is a program where you make animate objects move. You had 
Here Is An Example Of My Animation On Alice

Tuesday, June 14,2011
We downloaded a program called NVU, to start making our own HTML's. A HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, is predominant markup language for web pages. HTML is a basic building-blocks of webpages. Also my cool teacher Dennis taught me how to use a terminal to type in Linux commands. For those who don't know what commands are, commands in computer language A terminal is Apple's Mac OSX operating system. This allows users to interact with the computer through a command interface.
This Is A Picture Of Linux Commands I Typed

Wednesday, June 15,2011
We went to the library on LSU campus. We saw how students use the computers to do there work for school, and how they interact with each other. In the library they have about 4 floors of computers for students. It was a great collage experience, so now I know where to come in the future to study for test when i come to LSU.

Thursday June 16,2011
We went to the museum on the campus. It was a nice museum they had bugs, animals that what killed and stuffed with hard material, and information facts about the world.