Yesterday on June 13,2011 our class at LSU Alice in Computation Land were working on creating our own webpage and we filmed our own video too. It took some time but we finally finished it. All the people here are really nice though, so that's not so bad. But most of the kids were on Facebook or Skype that day, so that's why we didn't get so much done.

Today June 14,2011 we are still working on our video for,those who didn't finish it ,for our webpage and some other stuff. What I like most about this camp are the Macbook Pro's. Why least favorite thing about this camp is the work we have to do, but that's the same thing I say about school to. What I'd like to learn most is how to create your own web page. 

On June 15, 2011 we started to do functions with Mr.Dennis. It was pretty hard but we slowly started to get it. After that we took a picture

This is my video:  My alice video

My Interviews: