Hello, my name is Hannah Grier. I went to Alice and Computation Land the second week. It was a lot of fun, I met new friends and saw some of my old ones from school. It was fun playing on the laptop and chatting with my peers in this camp.  I learned many new things like how to make a website and a movie. This camp has let me be more informed on how a Mac is used and how to use computers better. Everyone had fun at this computer camp i can reassuringly say I did.  On the first day of camp we made our movie. On the second we made our web page. I can't wait tomorrow it should be a very fun day on Wednesday. We get to take pictures tomorrow:D! I'm going to be very sad after this camp:( I am gonna miss all the friends I have made.  

Monday July  18, 2011

We made our movie on Alice today. It was fun learning new things  it was complicated at first but then you got  th e hang of it.  My movie is about faries freaking out becaue a dinosaur is about to seeze on them.... I couldn't think of anything.  

Tuesday  July 19, 2011

Today we are working on our website.  So far my website is going very well i am in total love with my background! My movie is so stupid but thats wht makes it so funny! I never stop cracking up with my friends and think why? how coul i come up with something so messed up:D!!! I can't wait for tomorrow!

wWednesday 20, 2011
Today we updated our web page, we also watched a show on crazy people who look at dead people. The camp is getting kind of difficult always updating because you forget how to do that stuff.

My Alice Video:

My interview: