day 1

    today we learned how to make a movie. then we took a break.after we made are own.i had trouble with mine so i got some was my first day i was so scared the first day then i meet jade and hannah they where very nice and made me feel like i fit first i lelt left out.

my alice movie

            day 2

    today we learned how to make a wed page . first we searched for are back round.first we looked for are back rounds .after we started typing stared about  are day.

         day 3
    today we took or pictures .came back and talk about math fer a while.  we a are talking about  the princes and the frog.i can not what til we go see the the huge we making are own drawings.
mine is a ninja.i am also listen to music.and i am sleepy ,too.we also went to see the huge was very cold in the room were the computers.


        day 4
    today we got some free food and juice.i am listening to music ,too.some people are on 12:30 we are going on a trip to a place on campus i for got what it was that all for the morning.i added music to my Louisiana power point so check i is realy cool.i looked up and my friend is stand on a chair right rule.(alexa)we kinda sat down and talked.

     day 5
    today we are going to see mike the tiger.i forgot that i had money and i left it all at i will never forgive myself.
so that all i know what we are going to do so and some just started to dance for some reason i don't why. we are having a contest to see whos' web site is the best.i know mine will not the way we have a lot of free time in are hands so i have been up dating my web site a lot. there is not alot going on today but today is the last day.i am going to flordia so i can not came next week i will miss ever one here.

what i thought about camp
    but i am having so much fun here and i do not want camp to year i hope i can come here and i hope everone is going to be here.even the helpers. they helped me a lot. i had a lot of trouble with my computer. i can"t wait until nexted year.i will never forget how much fun i had here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i will always remember this place.