first day :)

  On the first day of camp we create an Alice movie\video.  It was lots of fun.  at first though, we had to watch like four tutorials. Now, that doesn't  to bad, the first two were pretty short. But the last two were soooooo longggg!!!!!! IT took FOREVER!!! In the end tough I suppose it was worth it. Oh, and we got pizza for lunch!!

caitlinmarie: my alice movie

On the second day of camp we got to create a web page. (The one you are reading right now.) We had lots of fun. The hardest part of creating the web page was deciding what background you wanted. I chose cupcakes:) Now i know that the color of my letters is kinda plain, bland, and boring but ever other color I tried was super hard to read. For lunch we had mashed potatoes and gravy, chicken tenders, and corn. It was really really good!!!

On the third day we got to create an animated picture/creature.  ( the one below) It was really fun!! I chose to a fox like creature. For lunch we ate pasta. It was kinda like lasagna without layers.
red and blue fox

 On the fourth day of camp a guest speaker can to talk to us. It was sooooo cool!!!! He showed us a program call flickergetter. We got to see a virtual world called a second world. At the end of his presentation he showed us  these bowls called meditation bowls. and a stick instrument that he tapped  on to the bowl with the stick instrument to make creepy sounds . It was really cool.  We also interviewed someone else about themselves.

On the last day of camp I finished creating my second movie. It shows how much progress I have made. I have enjoyed this camp and have learned a lot. I will leave this camp knowing that its purpose has been served - to teach people more about computers and what you can do with them.

I had some spare time left before the judges came so I decided to create another picture :)

cotton candy family :)