My Picmo chracter 


Day 1- The first day of camp went pretty well I think I will like this camp alot. Today i created a movie and it took a really long time and kind of chanllenging but i think it turned out great. I'm looking forward to creating webpages tomorrow also. I think i worked pretty hard on my movie today too. Well overall i loved the first day of this camp.

Day 2-Today I created my webpage YES! YES! YES! isn't it beautiful yeah I know. The best thing about creating my webpage today was choosing the background. They had a multitude of beatiful and pretty backgrounds but I could only choose one" :'(  tears :'( " , but  I finally found the perfect background for my webpage " #:-s Whew #:-s!!!!!!  We also learned about Nvu which I think is an awsome webserver.

Day 3- Today  we learned about  a webserver called Picmo it's a website  where you draw your own character  and make it come to life by putting movement in the character.We also went on a little feild trip to  a place where Mrs. Kathy husband worked. Mrs. Kathy husband showed us all the
different computers and  devices they use for to store information that are saved in different computers all around LSU campus. But the cool thing about  the computer room we went in was air canditioners in the floor instead of in the ceiling  so all the hot air above goes throw a  AC  and then the air will soon turn  into cold air  that  will  flow through out all the vents  through the computer room.

Day 4- Today a speaker came to speak with us about  creating  websites. The speaker  also showed  us how to play diffrent pitches  on the kinect  and  how to play sounds on bowls and he sounds like a bell which is os cool.Next we went to this cool museum full of live dead animals . There were bears , birds, rats, siqurrils, the first Mike the Tiger, and many more animals you can't imagine. Then when we came back to the building and interviewed each other today was really fun but i wonder what we will do tomorrow but for now BYE!
 Day 5- Today