Hi, my name is Allie. I came to this camp wanting to learn more about Computers and to meet new friends. The first day of camp, we learned about making a video on Alice. You had a chance to make your own animated world and got to add people, animals, and places. After we made our worlds, we played Connect Four with Math. One side of the room was one team and the other side was the other team. 

My Alice Movie(:

The second day of camp we finished our worlds and started making webpages. We picked our own backgrounds for our webpages and showed them to the class. Everyone had a different webpage. It was cool to see what other people liked. After, we watched a video about how scientist figure out a crime. The video showed how they find evidence that leads to finding the criminal.

The third day of camp, we played on Picmo. On Picmo, we drew people and animated them. We walked to the Computer Room on campus and looked at all the computers. It was soo cool ! When we got back, we watched another video. We played Hangman for a little bit which was really fun too ! 

My Picmo picture

On Thursday, a guest speaker came to talk to us. His name was Dr. Jesse Allison. He taught us a new program called Flicker. It was really cool ! It was a virtual world that connected with other people. When you stood infront of it, you could see yourself and you could have added sounds to it. It was also sound program. You took a certain bowl and a special stick and went around the bowl and it made sound. At around 12:30, we went to the museum on campus. When we got back, we got to interview our friends. It took awhile to get a good one because we kept laughing!

My Interview

On the last day of camp, we got to visit Mike the Tiger. We got to take pictures with him. He was soo cute(:  We went to the giftshop and got things. It was a lot of walking, but it was worth it ! We didn't really do much today. For lunch, we had Pizza(: It was yuummy ! I have had soo much fun here ! I have learned so much ! I had a lot of new friends here. I will miss everyone ! Mrs. Kathy has been such a good teacher. Thanks for everything(: