My Alice Camp Web page

First day of camp

On  Monday we learned how to make a video on Alice. And saved it and then we exported it. After
I sat here and waited for instrutions.

Day 2

The stairs tripped me and i fell:(. Then we started to make our website I  had trouble making it
though. Then we had lunch which was corn, gravy, mash potatoes, cookies,  coalslaw, and fried

My Alice video:

Day 3

Today we made a video of anything we wanted to on picmo. Then we had a snack after we played on
the computers. Then we had lunch after that we updated our web page.  A little while later we went across
 the street and saw a lot of eletrecal stuff. Then we saw a video and answered at some questions.
Then we updated of web page.

Day Four

 Today we had a guest speaker and we had a snack  and a drink.After that we looked at our web    page ;).
 After lunch we went to the  meuseam and explored the place and left we looked for the white squiral
 with red eyes.Then we did our videos. After  I finished my updated my web page:)     Then I played on the computer and doodled.

Day Five

Today we updated our web pages. Then we had a snack.  After we did some stuff and then we had lunch. After we judged our web pages