July 18
   * Today we explored Alice and all the cool things that you can do on it.
.  * Alice is a computer program where ou can create things.
   * You have different worlds ( themes ) that you can pick from.
   * Using Alice is very simple once ou get used to it.
   * Alice is a place that you can let your imagination go wild!
   * BTW- Ms. Kathy is our awesome teacher who is teaching us about Alice.

     Below is a video that I created using Alice.

   July 19
       * This morning we created webpages.
       * We went online and chose our backgrounds.
       * We watched a video of a crime trying to be solved.
       * The class discussed the importance of forensic science and how we use it.
       * We had a wonderful lunch today!!!

  July 20
     * Today we learned about an animation program called PICMO.
     * PICMO is a Japanese program where you can draw and create animations.
     * This is one of my PICMO's.  ( picture)
     * Here is  another one of my PICMO's. ( Video )
     * We took a tour of the machine room where all of the greades and hardware is kept for the computers at LSU.

   July 21
      * Today is the second to last day of camp and I am really sad.
      * I really enjoyed this camp and I will miss it.
      * Dr. Jesse Allison came to talk to us about music and computers.
      * He discussed how we use computer/technology to make music.
      * After lunch we went to the museum where we saw some really cool animals, bugs and insects.
      * When we came back from the museum we began making an interview video.
      * I had the pleasure to interview Melba and below is our video.
                                       Interview Video

    July 22
       * Today I am REALLY sad because I have genuinely enjoyed this camp.
       * I have made a lot of new friends and I will miss them.
       * Someone that I will miss besides my friends is Mrs. Kathy
       * She was really nice and sweet and I have learned a lot from her.
       * Another person that I will miss is Teja.
       * He was very friendly, funny, and very helpful.
       *  Thank you for a good time!
       * I will miss this camp.
   Here are some Pictures of people I have become friends with and Funny pictures of me.