My Alice Adventure                                     


Today is the first day of Alice  Camp  

  I was scared I wouldn't know anybody but my friend ended up going here too. Then I made friends with the people she knew and now I have more than just one friend. Today I learned sooo many new things. Now I cant wait for today to be over so I can come back tomorrow!!!!!!!

Today is the second day of Alice Camp

    Today I had even more fun than I had yesterday. I learned so nuch more than I did on the first day.Today was also easier than the first day because I knew what I was doing (most of the time).I really don't want this week to end.

Today is the third day of Alice Camp
      Today was the easiest of them all. I got to watch my favorite t.v. show, Pretty Little Liars. I also got to post this online. It was a chill-day (for me).

Today is the fourth day of Alice Camp

   Today I had the chance to interview my new friend. She also interviewed me. I also learned how to add the links to the website.

Here is a interview i did on my NEW friend

Today is the last day of alice camp:-(
  Today is a sad day for me. I've built friendships in the past four days and i probably won't get to see them again. But the good thing is that I've learned a lot of new things here at Alice camp, I learned about html's, I got to make my own webpage, I made a an Alice World, and I learned how to add links to my webpage.

Here is my Alice movie from my Alice world.