My Life at Alice Computer

Today is the first day of the Alice Camp

Hi! My name is Lauryn. This is my second year of this camp. On the first day of camp, we got to introduce ourselves to the other girls. We just went over all the rules and other procedures. We had breakfast,lunch,and snack in case we got hungry.I came here last year so it was still fun! We picked a background to put on our website and we learned how to use Komodo.

This is the web page of my favorite band:

Today is the second day of Alice Camp

We worked some more on our webpage and got to use a new program called KomoZer. It was a lot easier than using Komodo. After that we made a movie! My movie isn't exporting so it won't be up now. W
e are having a fun time so

Today is the third day of Alice Camp

We had a speaker come to talk about music with technology. H had a power point and so did the lady that came with him. We talked a little about how the Earth wa formed and black holes. The food here is really good. I was having some difficulties with my wesit, but Mrs. Kathy said she was going to fix it. Tomorrow we will start on our interviews.

Today is the fourth day of Alice Camp

Today we had some guest speakers come and speak o us on why we would choose a career in science and technology. They were fun and cool to talk too. For lunch we had jambalaya, salad, and bread. It was delicious! We are finishing up our webpages today and tomorrow  they will have a judging for Best Webpages. My sister came in third last year.

Today is the fifth day of Alice Camp

This is the last day of Alice Camp. I've made new friends and seen old ones. I'm gong to miss this place! Iearned a lot this year and it was really fun!

This is my world: world

This is the video of my world


This is the video for my second world." This is our interview