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My week at Alice Comp

Today is the first day of the Alice Camp

This is my second year coming to this camp and much hasn't changed. We introduced our selves and said where we were from, what school we went to, and how old we are. We also went back and looked at webpages from last year. Not many people remebered their number but I remebered mine. The food was good cause we had pizza which is my favorite. We had a couple of people come an speak to us but I really didn't understand half of what they said about their major. I really don't know what I want my webpge to be maybe it will just come to me. Who knows maybe we will find out tommorrow!

Today we made a movie on Alice. Mine is pretty awesome if I do say so myself! We had lasagna it was okay. We also had a speaker come and talk about music on electronics and stuff.During the break I played raft wars and made it to level 7.My website is pretty cool. Instead of using komoto we are using Komposer which is alot easier in my opinion.
Tomorrow we have pictures so we have to wear our pink shirts.

Today is Wednesday. We had our picture in the lobby.We had a speaker who came to speak us about black holes and the Big Bang. Tomorrow we are making an interview.

Tomorrow is the last day of camp an we put our interviews on our webpages. We had a lady come an speak to us about computer occupations. It was very interesting to hear about. Some college students came to speak to us about computer science majors. It was cool!

mi world