My Adventures at Alice

My name is Summer Blue. I am at the Alice Computation Camp. June 18,2012 I learned how to make a webpage. I started having a few problems,but then I started to understand. I think this will help me later in life. Now when someone asks me have I made a webpage I can say yes. I was scared and shy when I came. But im not anymore because I met new friends. At first I didnt want to come. But now I do because I love the new things Im learning. My teachers are the best they help you. So you will never be lost. The guest speakers that came and talked to us. So I think I will alot it really fun. Now im thoinking about majoring in computer science. I have really had fun so far.
   This program will help later on in  life, because I know things about computers. But other than that im having fun so. Well I guess thats it other that I had fun. Well thats it for my webpage, I hope I come next year to make another one. I really enjoyed coming to this camp. the picture I have below is a picture of  Plinker by Dinah Moe its a really fun game.I really enjoyed this camp I hope to come next year.
       Dr. Jesse Allison told us about DinahMoe labs. 

My interview