My First Day at Alice Camp

My name is Sayori Blue and I'm 10 years old and the Alice camp is very fun o and I go to TCA. But stil its fun I'm so glad my mom sigh me up. Today we're learning alot. It's like I can't keep up but I'm going to get better. We have alot of breaks we have one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It is so cool and on break I meet four friends. Now its these ladys and she is studying black holes and where asking her stuff like what she looked up they pay her to do this I wounder what they do but one of them work with computers you know what I think I won't to be a person who work with kids to teach them about computer now that would be fun. When I get older I think I will do thing like research stuff and guess what where progr I like to do dance and the favorite thing I like to watch is Loony Tunes and BET and I love to hang out with my family.But today I had so much fun cant wait until tommorw.Today is a new day where doing programing to day it's going to be fun. Now she is telling us how we get our images to our webpage.Now she is on this link text and she just click body text. I think I'm going to put my picture last,but since we only have three days I'm going to do my image later. Now I have my image it's a I'm of me and I'm putting a picture of dacing dolls too. My webpage,image, and movie is going to be cool.Today was a funny and tiring day It was a fun day to but its was just to much.But what i really like was when that man came overhe was asking us things like what we do here. The stuff he bought looks cool. I can't wait until he tells us what he do.Now hes talking about stuff like water and black holes.He's about to show us what he do. He do stuff with crazy music.But anyway it was a fun day to day. I wounder if we're going to have a visitor tommorw. It might be the same way like today. I think it is going to be much funnier tommorw well it time to go i will add some more tommorw. For my images i have LSU golden girls and SU dacing dolls.Even though i hate LSU and stuff,but I love SU and I have a image of me.Tommorw we're  doing something with the computers.Today it might be fun.Butshe is showing us a wedsite called lego it looks cool i don't know if im going to make me one.Then we're going to take a picture and it is going to be in a newspaper.It's been fun these few days but it's to much to learn I mean they act like they cant give us longer brakes,but anyway i been having fun a little.Swho ever sees my wed page come to CCT.

                                                                   THE END   

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this is my alice world

this is the movie from my alice world

This is my interveiw