My name is Donalon Grimes and I am going to camp at Alice and  Computation.
 Land on LSU campus. I am going to middle school. Today has gone good so far. I've made 2 new friends on this first day. Jenny and Reshma. They are very nice and cool. I really am liking this camp. I'm making this web page to basically tell the world about Alice and Computation Land. I love dance and it is awesome. I am enjoying myself and I'm happy I have this experience. I have a lovely teacher, Mrs.Kathy.I also learned today that it is good to experience college and studying science is a very good major. I've also learned that LSU has lots of classes and some that you wouldn't think of. They also have lots of oppurtunities. I'm definitly loving the first day of Alice and Computation Land.This is my favorite marching band and football team. Today we have been learning how to program a video. It is animated and cool. Today we had a nice lunch and more. Today I was learning how you can put science and music together. It was very interesting and  I realized that most people don't think about college or all the different science majors. Today is the third day at Alice and Computation Land. It is only morning so I don't have to much to talk about. We are going to take a picture and it is going to be in the newspaper.

My alice WOrld

My interview