Hi my name is Sarah and today was the first day of Alice in Computationland camp here at LSU. We stared off by Mrs. Kathy introducing the camp, she told us how we would be making a website, making a video, and using the alice program. After she told us about it we all had to introduce ourselves to the other camp members. After that we started creating our website. We used this program called komodo edit to create the page. We had to pick out a background that we could use for the site. Next, we had a few guest speakers come and talk to us about what they are researching in and what it had to do with science. After the guest speakers finished talking we all went eat a snack then continued on the website. Today was a good start to the week.

Today is the second day of Alice Camp. We started off the day by using a program called kompozer instead of using the komodo program we used yesterday. This program is a whole lot easier than komodo. It is easier because you do not have to type all kinds of codes like in komodo. So after we finished working a little on our webpages we moved on and started using the program Alice 2.2. It is a very interesting program. We all got to create a virtual world. I made a virtual farm world then after I was done I created a second video which is about Alice and the rabbit. If you would like to see my videos click on the picture links at the bottom of the page. Well about halfway through the Alice tutorials we had a guest speaker, Dr. Allison. He is a professor here at LSU and studies different pitches and frequencys. He also composed different music. He showed us some of the things he helped to make and even passed one around the class. It was very interesting. After he talked we finished and recorded our worlds. Towards the end we tried to upload all our pages but some of us didnt finish.Today was very fun!

Today is the third day of camp. We started off the day by finishing the uploading of our webpages. We all finished up our sites. After Mrs. Kathy told us about a program you can use to make your own legos. If you want to see my creation you can click on the lego block below. After that we had two guest speakers. Mrs. Juana told us about different electronics. She even passed Transistors around the class. She traveled all around the world. She was originally born in Madrid and moved to the US for more opportunity. Our second guest speaker was Mr. Param. He told us all about astronomy and cells. My favorite part was watching the video that showed you up close up at the galaxy and human skin. Today I learned a lot.

Today is the fourth day of camp. We started off the day by listening to our guest speaker. Her name was Mrs. Jane. She was nice. She showed us different people and what their careers are. After she showed us her top ten reason to study in computer sciences. Some of them were kind of funny. After that we took a snack break then continued on our work. After we ate lunch we made an interview with someone we didnt know that well. We used imovie to create our interview. If you want to see mine click on the link below. After we just uploaded our video and continued on the website. Towards the end of the day we had a second guest speaker, Mrs. Race, she brought in some of her students. Her students all told us what they all wanted to be when they were our age. I also learned why they wanted to become engineers. It was very interesting. Today was fun!

Today is the last day of camp :( Today we started off the day by finishing up our websites. At lunch time today some people are going to be judging our websites so we are working on fixing it up. After the people are supposed to judge it we are supposed to be going see the super computers. This already seems like and interesting day.


     alice pic




Lego Block     



My Alice Video for World two.