My Adventure in Computation Land                         

Monday, June 18

Hi, my name is Madisen today was the my first day at the Alice in Computation Land camp. The first thing we did today was introduce ourselves. Then Mrs. Kathy showed us the diffrent programs we were going to use. Also, we looked at diffrent websites to get ideas for our websites. Next, some college students came talk to us about what they are studing. Last, we worked on our websites. Today was very fun!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 19

Today was the second day of computer camp. To start off we used the KompoZer Editer {WYSIWYG}. We used it to add things to our websites and I think the KompoZer is much easier.Then, we went on the program Alice to  learn how to make our videos. Next, A geust speaker named Dr. Allison came and talked to us about his job and diffrent things he made. He is a profesor here and does reaserch here at LSU. After he left we made our videos on Alice. You can veiw my video an the bottom of my page. Today was very insteresting!!!!!!

Wendsday, June 20

Today was the third day of camp. First, Mrs. Kathy showed us  Lego Digital Designer. We all created something with LEGO's online. Then, we looked at our websites to make sure we had everything we wanted for now. Next, we went on to learn how the internet can help us with our homework. On Shodor we played diffrent games it was very cool. Some geustspeakers came talk to us next. There names were Juana and Param. Mrs. Juana was born in Spain and she told us everywhere she went for her post doctoral positions. She taught us about transistors and hard drives. Mr. Param showed us a video about the powers of ten in the universe. Also, he talked about the universe. Today I learned a lot.

Thursday, June 21

Today was the fourth day of camp. First, we listened to Mrs. Jane as a guest speaker. She told us about advantages and jobs in the Computer Sience feild. Before she left she gave us a computer word search and a computing brochure. Then, we did our interviews. You can veiw mine at the bottom of my page. When we finshed our interviews, we learned how to put our interviews on our websites.  Then, Dr. Race came with some students to talk about engeneers. Also, they told us there degrees and what they wanted to be when they were my age. I can't wait untill tommorow.

Friday, June 22
Today is the last day of camp. I learned a lot of things this week. First, we made sure everything was right on our websites because they got judged at lunch time. Next, Mrs. Kathy showed us more websites to help us in school. Then, we went on a feild trip and went get ice cream at the LSU Dairy Store. The funnest part of today was wearing our PJ's because it is Pajama day.

Alice in Computation Land

Our Awesome Pics

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My World

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My Interview

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My LEGO Creation
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WE HAD A BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. This is my favorite pic.