My Experience at Alice Camp

My Alice Experience                                                                      

   Today is the first day of Alice Camp. I was really excited, because I knew Alice was all about new technology.... I really like! We started our new webpages, this was a very interesting experience for me. For lunch I had 2 slices of cheese pizza and a fanta. Alice is totally awesome, with computation and many fun activities. I felt like I was dreaming, computers, science and technology all around me! I made a alot of new friends today and am looking forward to tommorrow.

I have never used a apple computer, it's so fancy!



The second day of camp, and I'm getting used to the environment. Class started off by making a webpage at Komposer edit, this was way easier than komodo edit. For lunch I had salad. There was an lsu proffesor who came and talked about his job, he combined two of his favorite things, music and engineering. He encouraged and inspired how we should be invovled in science fields. Then, we did some animation tutorials and started on our own world! My world was an ice world, which starred a ice skaters in a christmas scene! Can't wait 'till tommorrow.

It was my first expeirince with Alice, and I think I did pretty well!



The 3rd day of camp was cool. We first took our group pictures outside and madea few goofy faces! Then for breaks I played on poptorpica, the Spy Island. For lunch I had fried cat fish, cookie and rice. We  did some online lego and more animations. My Lego picture was a outside scene, witha tree and a small picnic! We also had some  guest speakers in the afternoon. One of them was really cool with, Dna, and outer space! Wonder what's tommorrow!               

I never knew Lego could be animated and put online!


The 4th day of camp was really fun. We did our interviews today, I did mine with Jenny. We asked each other " interview" questions such as," Tell us about your family" or " Why did you come to this camp." We made so many mistakes by laughing at first, but at the end we came serious! For lunch I had jambalaya, and salad. In the afternoon we had some guest speakers. There was an indian girl and she and I made good friends. She is an electrical engineer and we talked about enginnering! Tommorrow is the last day :<

My first time doing an Interview, it was real fun and a great expeirence.

   The last day of Alice camp, I'm sad, but fortunate! Today is pajama day, I just wore a T-shirt and shorts. I'll miss the advanced computers, new freinds etc. The judges are going to judge our webpages today, I'm sort of excited. We were told by Ms. Kathy that, we're going to the dairy store. I'd have a chocolate scoop on a crunchy cone. I'm working on making my webpage decorative but, neat. After I finish, I'm making legos spell out Alice camp in various different colors! We just had lunch, I had a pizza and fanta. I'm sad that today is the last day for this camp.


This is my Interview


                                                                                                            This is my link to my ice world.