My Alice Camp Adventures!!!!

My Alice Camp Adventures!!!

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   Today is the first day of the Alice Camp:

Today was our first day and it was awesome!I met lots of different people are very nice. We got a pink Alice shirt, a purple bag, a pen, and a notebook/calculator.We had Papa John's pizza and soft drinks. We're learning how to create a webpage and how to get a picture. I hope we do lots of fun things for the rest of the week.

             Day 2 at Alice Camp:                     

Today was also really fun.At camp today we went on the Alice program and created a program. My video was an amusement park with a bunch of cool rides moving.For lunch we had lasagna, bread, and salad. I had salad and bread. We also worked a little on our web pages.

           Day 3 at Alice Camp:

Today was our 3rd day of the Alice Camp. We had a guest speaker come and talk about computer science. I thought it was really interesting and now i'm thinking about becoming a computer scientist. For lunch we had really spicy but really good jambalaya.Today was an amazing day at camp, and I'm alson really sad because the day after tommorow is our last day of camp! :(

Day 4 at Alice Camp:

Today was our fourth day at Alice Camp. We went on i movie and made our interviews for our Alice web pages I made mine really cool with different decorations and other things. The person who interviewed me was really nice. I never met her before and she was really funny. To watch my interview click on the second link on the top of the page. Today was amazing. I hope whoever is reading this likes my interview. I thought it was really cool:)