My alice adventure



(DAY 1) 

Monday June 18,2012

Today was the first day of the alice camp. I met new people and gained new friends. I remembered a couple girls from last year. Today we learned the basics of creating webpages. i learned alot and enjoyed creating it.the first day was a great day

(DAY 2)


Today we learned how to use Kompozer. We also learned how to create movies using the Alice program.I listened to a man who spoke about the science of music  and pitch.I was proud of my results.My movie will be coming soon.

the world i created with alice

(Day 3)

Wensday June 20,2012

 today we started off playing with the lego world. Then we took pictures. Afterwards people came and spoke to us about light years and using the computer for research on the galaxy.

my lego world

(Day 4)

THURSDAY June 21,2012

Today we interviewed each other on things we liked and enjoyed doing. i learned more about my partner sayori than i knew before we started. it was fun to edit the sound effects on the movie and do all the backgrounds.

my interview

(Day 5)

Friday June 22,2012

Today was the last day of camp.It was pajama day so i was able to wear my footy pajamas. we also went to see the huge computer of lsu and go to the dairy shop.I learned alot about making webpages and creating programs.This year i learned more than last year. I enjoyed this camp and everyone in it. I can honestly say i want to come back next year.

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