My Alice Adventure

Hi! my name is Emily. We have been working on this web page this week, and its on every thing we've been doing week. I hope you will like my web page. I will have more for each day of this week.

Monday,June 18,2012

Today is the first day of Alice in Computation Land Camp. At first, I thought I wasn't going to have fun because we talked about html,the room was hot, and it was raining, but so far its been fun. We started making this web page and its awesome. We found a background and learned how to save it in the right place. Then for lunch we ate pizza, and had soda. I had two pieces of pizza, I wanted more but there was none left. Then, we started working on this again.

Tuesday, June 19,2012

Today was fun just like yesterday. We made a video on this program named Alice. .My video was a skater on ice .  Its so cool it moves around on the ice. It turns and skates all over the place. I want this program on my computer.

Heres my Alice world

Wednesday, June 20,2012

Today I made a lego thing but it was hard and was confusing.  Then I added my Alice world on to here.  Then we took pictues. Thats about all today.  I hope it remains fun.

Thursday,June 21,2012

Today we made a movie in iMovie.  We had to do an interview.  I had to pick someone I didn't know.  That was hard because I wanted my best friend Raven to do it.  Also I am freaking out because tomorrow they pick the best three webpages and I want mine to be the best.

This is my interview I did in iMove

Friday, June 22,2012

Today is the last day of camp and we get to have ice cream.  Also, they will judge to see who's webpage was the best.  I want mine to win so bad.  If I don't win I'll be sad, but it's okay.

things to know about me: I luv purple and Adele. My favorite animal is a zebra.

This is Adele's webpage: