What I am doing in Camp

Hello! My name is Natalia. I am going to share with you my experience in Alice in ComputationLand! Camp ComputationLand is made to get more girls in science, mathmatics, engenering, computer things and stuff like that.
                                                                                        DAY 1!


This morning, I introduced myself to a bunch of girls. I am learning how to use a MacBook Pro because I use windows. Then, we started learn how to make a web page. Next, I ate a chocolate muffin and drank some orange juice.

Then, I looked for some pictures and backgrounds. I found some really cool ones. After that, we started reading some of a packet to help us to make the web pages.

After we found the backgrounds and pictures, we put our backgrounds on the page. Then, we ate some pizza and soft drinks. Then if you finished eating, you could go back to working on your web page thing.

I found out that my picture didn't fit. So, I went on google and found a smaller picture of it. I had trouble with getting the new background on it, but I got it.

We also learned that the "home" keys, for left hand are "A S D F" and for right hand "J K L ;" I still don't keep my hands on those pacific ones. Now I am trying to get my background to not repeat, but the background is not showing up. It is so weird. We finally got it fix... exept the no repeating thing.

We now learned how to add pictures, change the color of the text, and change the font. We also learned how to add a link. This is my favorite website: .The puppies are so cute! I am sorry if you don't like puppies. Don't go to the link if you don't like puppies.

Our teacher, Ms.Kathy, said," One of the hardest things about making a web page is trying to figure out what it is about." It is so true.

awesome video

Day 2 !

Hello. Today we made a movie. Mine is called The Three Birds. It took awhile to find out what I wanted to make it about. Then, i choose The Three Birds. At first I was going to have lolipops, but the have to move with the birds and it was too complicated. So, I had to delete the lolipops. I hope you look at my movie. I wish that I could have made another one, but it took to much time. Just for you to know the place they are at is a field of grass(duh) and there are no people. It just wouldn't go good with the movie.       The worst part about this place is that you have to wake up early:( school early. They give you food... good food. Today we had biscust for Brunch, pasta, salad, brownies, some lemon cake thing, and soft drinks for lunch, and we have cookies and soda and water for linner. I finished my movie and recorded it by like 2:00 pm... somewhere around that. Here are some things you might want to know about me:

Name: Natalia

Age: 11

favorite color:BLUE!!

favorite food: ?

favorite drink: Water??

favorite movie: Revenge of the Bridesmaids

hobbies: playing the harp and acting.

Crush: nobody(so no boyfriend d-: )

Things I like:

ice, harp, acting, blue, wolves, dogs, cats, ect.


 It was really fun making it. Hope you

like it <3

That is it for now!