Hi, i'm Abhi and this is the story of my experiences at Alice in Computationland camp. This camp is will teach me more about using computers and different applications.

Day 1: Monday June 9, 2014

Today in camp, we started to make our webpage. We used the html format and wrote our commands on an application called terminal. When we were working, a guest speaker,Dr.Kumar, came in and taught us about fluid mechanics. We watched video clips about fluid mechanics, too. After that, we worked some more. Then it was lunchtime! We got pizza and ate it in two different rooms. I ate lunch with my new friend Lucy. After we ate lunch, we came back into the classroom and worked more on our webpages. We also added pictures to our webpages! Then we learned how to change the size and color of our text. Then we worked some more until our snacks were ready. We went to the rooms that we ate lunch in.Then we went back and learned about the applications Cyberduck and KompoZer. Then it was time to leave.

Day 2: June 10, 2014

Today we made  online games using an application called  S
cratch. It was really fun to experiment with all the tools on Scratch. Scratch projects were really fun! We made three scratch project today. A guest speaker, Mr. Shawn who is a mathematician, talked to us about splitting glycerin and water droplets. Then we ate our morning snack and continued to work on Scratch. Then we had lunch and made even more Scratch games. We worked until it was snacktime. After that, we continued to finish our scratch projects. Click on the links below to see the projects. Unfortunately, you have to have the application Scratch to view them.

Here is my first game: Evacuation       

This is my made-up game:Scra
tch Projects   

We also did a practice Scratch:dance party


Day 3: Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Today we started making our interviews. After that we had a snack. While we were eating our snack, we had two guest speakers, Mr. Patrick and Ms. Sarah. They came from Electronic Arts. The talked to us about the video games that they made and how we should becone video game developers. We did a practice movie on iMovie and then we started to make our real ones. Then we had lunch. I'm going to interview my friend Lucy, and she will interview me. We did our interviews and they turned out well. Then we put an opening title and a closing title on our video. Then we had are last snack!

Here is my interview:Interview

Day 4: Thursday, June 12, 2014
Today was so exciting!!! We had a guest speaker, Dr. Allison  from the  Experimental Music and Digital Media, who talked to us about music that comes from computers. while we had a snack. Then we went upstairs to view an instrument that is made to sound like the Mississippi River. It is also engraved with the Mississippi River's shape! Then we ate a lunch of fajitas and came back to start working on our Alice3 projects. Then we had another snack and worked some more.  In the afternoon, we had another guest speaker. She is from the College of Engineering. Then we finished up our Alice projects. You can view the project by clicking the link down below. I also used the applications Lego Digital Designer and PICMO. Today was a great day.

Here is my Alice movie:../movie.mov

Day 5: Friday, June 13, 2014
Today is our last day. :-( I'm going to miss this camp. Luckily, i'm coming to the camp next week. Right now, we're working on our webpages. Idon't think we're going to the dairy store because yesterday, Ms. Kathy told us, we might go to the dairy store. Today our webpages will be judged. I don't think i'm going to win. I want to but i'm sure I won't.