Hi, I'm Lucy. This week I'm going to tell you about my experience at Alice in Computationland Camp. Alice camp is a summer camp that teaches you how to make your own web page using Alice software.


    Hey, I'm just finishing up my first day of Alice camp. I came in a little bit scared, but it was great! We got to pick out the backgrounds to our web pages, and there were so many diferent pictures. I finally decided on this purple one. Next we had a snack, and a guest speaker came to talk to us about fluid mechanics. He also showed us some neat science videos. Then we began actually writing the code for our pages. I put in my background, and then I ate lunch with my new friend Abhi. We talked and goofed off for a little, and then it was time to go back. I played around for a while, and learned some different things. This is my finished product. Only for today though, there's always room for improvement!I have to go now, but check out the sun book and the olinguito (The animal on the left is an olinguito). I think it looks awesome!Talk to you next time. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Hello again. it's the end of the 2d day of Alice camp for me, and I'm having a blast. Today we worked on scratch programming. I took a small class on Scratch 1 last year, so it was interesting to use Scratch 2. We made a game to help small kids learn which things to pack in case of a hurricane. Oh yeah! I almost forgot. We had an other guest speaker
Her, who talked to us about an other form of science that he works with. Anyways, we made our games. Next we got to work around on Scratch 2. It was a lot of fun! I made a maze, but it may need a bit of work. I'll put the links to both though. Ta ta! (I've always wanted a reason to say that!)
This is my first scratch of the day: Hurricane Help

This is my maze: aMAZEing colors


Hey again, I'm back, and today is Wensday. We're going to make our interviews on iMovie, and I get to do my friend Abhi. We began todY by making a list of questions t oask the other person. Next, some speakers from the EA game company came to talk to us about what they do in gaming, and why we might want to try it when we grow up. It was a lot of fun! They told us about working on the different video games that they helped to produce, like Sims, and Fifa. Then they left and we ate our snack. Next we went back to work, and learned how to create iMovies on the computer. Now wer'e having free time untill lunch, and after that we'll start interviewing our partners. I hope I can come back later, but bye for now!

Oh my gosh! After lunch, we learned how to use Alice3!!! I loved it. Alice3 is an animation making software. We got to create our own story, so I did a fantasy trailer. It was so much fun! We worked for a while, but then we had to do our interviews. I'll put the link to mine. (Abhi is interviewing me) Alice3 has been my favorite programming tool by far, and I can't wait to learn even more. Sorry that I can't show you my Alice3, but links won't work unledd alice3 is on the computer your'e using. See you when I see you because I don't know when I'll see you! Bye.

My interview: Interview


Salut!!! (That's an informal greeting in French.)Today is Thursday, and so far it's been great. Our guest speaker this time was Dr. Allison, from the Expirimental Music and Digital Media department. (For obviouse reasons it's refered to as EMDM.) He told us about what he does, and he showed us some of the projects that he worked on. There was one that he actually had in the department, and we got to see it! We learned that Max is a language of programming for music. After Dr. Allison left, we got to work on any of our current projects that we wanted to. After that, we went to lunch and ate fajitas. Next everybody came back in, and we just finished working for a while. Then Miss Kathy taght us how to turn our Alice3 or Scrach projects into a movie. I put my Alice3 video into a link, and you can look at it below.  Today we had two guest speakers! Near the end of the day, a lady from the College of Engineering. She brought a student woth her, and we got to ask her questions to. At the end of camp, we learned how to use picmo. Picmo is a software thast lets you draw and animate a scene. It's not free, but you can get a free 14 day trial. Today has been a pretty good day. Also, just so you know, if you want to play my Scratch games, you have to download Scratch2 to your computer. Sorry!!!

My Alice:Pixied


Nnnnnnooooooooo!!!(That was my response to the title) As you know, today is the last day of Alice Camp. Today is supposed to be a relaxed catching up and finishing day. We learned a new software for games called Game Salad. You can create games to put on androids, phones, and the web. I made my own shooting game! ( I made a shooting game because we had to use that template for our first one.) I'll put in a link, but you need ot have game salad on your computer to view it. I plan on downloading it, so my parents can see it too. As long as the rain holds off, we get to walk to the dairy farm and buy some ice-cream, too! I  used my extra time to make more picmo projects and finsh my virtual lego house. I'll try to put a picmo on here as jpeg. See you later!(Maybe.)

Guess what!!! I was one of the top 3 projects!!!(That was the reason for the 3 exclamation points.) I'm so exited, and I got a little stuffed tiger in a bag. I can't wait to tell my mom! Good bye for the final time. Aur reviore!!!:)

My first picto, I call it WHAT!?!