Hi! I am Abby and I will tell you all about my week at Alice in Computation Land. The Alice Camp is a camp at LSU where girls learn more about using computers, and learning about applications on the computers.

Monday:1st Day

This is my first day of Alice camp, and it has been fun so far.
We are learning how to make our own web pages, and it is really interesting, but at the same time, sorta confusing. Today started with a snack. Yay! Then, an engineer named Dr. Kuman came and taught us about all different types of engineering, which was pretty interesting also.   After he left, we started actually putting out background on our webpages and composing what we wanted it to say on our webpage (what I am doing right now!)For lunch we had pizza and soda for drink. Yum! I got to sit by my friends from school at lunch,  and we talked and goofed off together (like always). After lunch we came back to the room to work on our webpages even more. It is kind of confusing with all the editing you have to do to make your webpage JUST how you want it. Then, we ahd another snack, which is pretty nice of the camp workers to provide us snacks before and after lunch. Now, we are back to our webpages! It is actually more fun than I thought it would be to make my own webpage. Well...there is nothing left to say, but I have a four more days of Alice Camp to tell you about later! :)