Hey! My name is Gwen and right now I'm in Computation Land with
Alice. Alice in Computation Land is a camp at LSU in which girls (like
me) learn about animation and web design. This web page that I'm making
is my first project in computation land!

 Monday, Day 1

 Today we started on our websites. To make them we used Terminal, Safari,
 KompoZer, and  Cyberduck. We choose pictures and suff to show on the
web site, then put it in a folder so we could upload them.Then made the
web page able to show up in public so that others can veiw them.
Mrs.Kathy got a little confused but she figured it out.A visitor came
in today and his name was Dr.Kumer. He specialised in chemical
enineering. He taught us about fluid mechanics and showed us
some cool experiment videos too. One thing I learned today was
that chemical engineering is more interesting than you think.

Tuesday, Day 2

Today we made things on Scratch. Our first project was a hurricane
 game. You have to find the right objects to back in your bag. After
 we did that, we made our own game. My game has these fish and
 when you click them they make a sound. Before that a vistor came
 in today named Shawn W. Walker. He worked in the department
 of mathematics and talked to us about the connection between
 realality and mathematics. One thing I learned today was how to
 put a link on our websites, and here they are!!!

To open these, hold control and click to download. It will only work
if you have downloaded Scratch.
hurricane game
Bubble Singing
(this one I didn't mention, it's a movie.)
Dance Party

Wednesday, Day 3

Today we started Alice. It is a program that makes 3D animation and it's a
lot like Skratch only more complicated. It's not my favorite program but
it's okay. Our visitor today was some people from EA! They test, construct,
and create video games. In other words, they work in electronic arts. One
thing I've learned from them was that 47% of the people who work in gaming
are women! Thats alot but not many. Last but most certainly not least, we did
our interveiws! First, we made a list of questions, then we recorded us asking
them. It was very fun and funny. Before that we practiced useing iMovie(which
is what we used for our interveiws). One thing I learned today was that it is very
hard to be serious durring an interveiw! :)

Alice Project


Thursday, Day 4

Today our geust speaker was none other than my Dad!!! He showed us
what he does in EMDM (Experimental Music and Digital Media)
For example, we got to see the "Humming Mississippi" which are
boards that have speakers on the back and sound from the Mississippi
is being played from the speakers. Cool huh? Another speaker came in
and talked to us about computer engineering. They told us to get more
involved in engineering so that we could take classes in college. Today we
also explored Picmo. It's an animation program where you animate your drawing! One thing I learned today
was that picmo is very complicated when you animate.
Picmo Animation

Friday, Last Day

Sad, Rainy, Day. Thats right, its raining. There was no guest today, but that's
okay. Today we did Game Salad, wich is where you make your own game. It
was prety cool but very complicated and I gave up. But I found this cute
hedgehog picture! We were planning to go to the Dairy Store to get ice-cream,
but as I said before, it is raining. Nothing much happened today. I did play
on i-movie so here are some trailors I made. One thing I learned today
was that hedgehogs are pretty cute! :)  Later that day, 3:20
I cannot belive this but I won!!!! It is soooooo awesome! I am totally
comming next year.

Computation Land is pretty cool. It shows girls how cool engineering
really is. It gives girls a chance to explore and create there own.
Thats what I like most, In Computation Land.


Artist Turtels

Go Away! This is MY bench.