Hi!My name is Grace and I arrived here this morning at Alice in Computationland and this is my webpage talking about my Adventures in Computationland!

My First Day
Today,after introducing ourselves, we started to create our websites. It was harder than I thought it would be,but I did find some really cute pictures! At first, we made our websites using nano, but then we switched to KompoZer. Dr. Kumar came too.He specializes in chemical engineering,but today he talked about fluid mechanics. Fluid mechanics are  the mechanics of fluids and gases. THe food is also really good. We had pizza for lunch and the we also had snacks.

Alice in wonderland pictures!!!

The Second Day
We did a lot of things other than our websites today . A guy named Shawn W. Walker came to talk about how he stimulates(mimics)reality using a computer program. He also designs micro swimmers for drug delivery.We also started using a computer program called Scratch, which helps you make games and stories. Lunch was really good too(as always).
Here is my first scratch: a hurricane evacuation game!!!           
We also got to make our own games,but mine isn't quite done. It should be done by tomorrow though.

Ponyo Pictures!!!

The Third Day

Today 2 speakers,Patrick Lamont and Sarah Chavez came and talked about their jobs in electronic arts(making video games). They have 26 locations worldwide!Their company(EA)has also been in buisness since 1982. The food was good( as always )too. Today we started using alice 3,which is kind of like  Scratch 2. My game on Scratch is not done yet ,but here it is:my game Today we also did our interviews!!!!!
Here's mine:graceinterview

Also,to practice doing stuff on iMovie,we made our own  practice interviews  with other people  or....... pieces of paper?Anyway here's mine:interview with a piece of paper.

The Fourth Day(Thursday)

Today at the beginning of the day ,a few people presented teir webpages.Our guest speaker today was Dr. Jesse, who works in experimental music and Digital Media. He works with a thing kind of like Scratch,except with music ,called Max. He also made an app for iPhones and tablets. We got to go upstairs to look at a project he did called the Humming Mississippi.It was really cool because the sounds were transferred from the mississipi into music. We also had fajitas for lunch,which was probubly my favorite lunch since I came here. We also got to make a video on alice so people who didn't have alice at home could see what you can do with alice.
Here's my video:alicedocumentary

had to leave early to go to the orthidontist ,sadly. All in all, today was awesome -even if I did have to leave early.
The Fifth Day (Friday)
It's the last day!!!I can't believe Alice camp is almost over. I don't think we will be going to the dairy store since it's raining but it's sure to be a good day.But look!! Ithas cleared up over the last few hours so we might just be able to!!!I'm really going to miss everyone here.