Hi, I am Rachel and I am having a lot of fun at Alice in computationland. I will tell you about what we are doing here. We are learning about how to use computers, and how to make a website. I am updating my website every day this week, so check back for more! An engineer named Dr. Kumar came and taught us about fluid dynamics, which is the mechanics of how fluid moves. It was really interesting.

     All of the people here are really good with computers. I never knew that computers were so complicated! This place is soooooo fun!  I never get hungry here because they give us so much food. We have a big snack, then lunch, then another big snack. Today we had pizza for lunch, which is one of my favorite foods. When we started making our websites, we had to use the terminal to program everything. (that was the hard way) We are learning a lot here!

     I am definitely coming here again next year.  I  know I will have  a lot of  fun again !horse


Today we made games on scratch. Here is one: <=(you have to download scratch 2 to access this) Todaywe also got to listen to a guy from the math department, Shawn Walker. He told us about how waster droplets separate, and come together. He also showed us some diagrams/videos. Just so you know ,  I actually knew who he was before he gave us the presentation!
     We also started making our own new game. I will probably put it on here sometime later this week.  We also learned a lot more than yesterday, because we understood everything a whole lot better than before.
       I think that I have improved a lot since I started the camp. I know how to make a website, how to use scratch to make a game, and my typing has also improved a lot, because we do so much of it! So far I am having a lot of fun!


   Today some people who work for the EA video game company came in to talk to us about their job, and why they like it. They also told us about some of the major video games they helped create.
 They said that they have met people like Tiger Woods, John Madden, And Drew Brees. They told us specifically what their jobs were. One of them was to hire people for their company.
     Today we were learning to use imovie, and so we interviewed each other. CLICK HERE for my interview. (In case you could not hear it correctly, here is a list of the questions).
        1. What is your name?

  2. How old are you?

        3. Do you have any pets?
        4. What are your hobbies?
        5. What is your favorite color?
        6. What is your favorite sport?
        7. What is your favorite animal?
        8. Do you have any siblings?
        9. Why are you at alice camp?
       10. What have you learned?
       11. Have you had any fun?
       12. What is your favorite movie?
       13. What is your favorite thing you have learned?
       14. What is your favorite computer program?

   Today was probably the most  fun so far! (Just for you to see, I put up a picture of
an adorable baby turtle eating a strawberry!)

  Today, so far, we are working on our websites. One of the things that I did not tell you about
yesterday that we did was that we learned to use 3-D
animation. We used Alice 3 to tell a story. It lets us
make animals or objects move. We can make them
roll, move forward, backwards, up, down and sideways. We can also control the amount they move.
I am making an animal zoo right now, but it does not move yet.
Click HERE to see it.
Today my friend Gwen's dad, who is a music arts professor,
came in to talk to us about sounds, and some of the things that he has done
at work.
   I am having a lot of fun making my new game that I just started. I am also having a lot of fun using Picmo, an animation
   Today a woman who is in the engineering department came in to talk to us about being an engineer, and to show us a video about it. She talked a lot about computer engineers. She also brought in one of her students who was an engineer-in-training.....I think!
   It is the end of the day, and Ms. Kathy says that if it does not rain tomorrow, we are going to the LSU dairy store to get ice cream!!! I hope it does not rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  I am so sad that today is the last day!!! I wish that it could be Monday all over again, so that I could have all of this fun all over again. I have put some pictures of my favorite animals here.

baby deercuteturtlerelease
Soooooooooooooooo Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  So anyway, today we also started learning how to use this cool program called game salad. It is where we get to create games. It is really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
   Today our websites are being judged for the top three. Whichever three people win get prizes.(I think). Anyway, HERE is an animation on picmo. Mostly, I am just finishing up my website, and I do not have much to do.
  It just stopped raining, so I think that we are going to be able to go to the dairy store. I am so excited!!! I can't wait to go and get my ice cream(: , which will be delicious. It is almost time for us to stop so they can judge our websites,
so bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!


oh and by the way, here are some videos of animals!