Hi, I'm Olivia and I'm going to tell you about my week in Computationland. I went to Alice Camp to learn more about computers and how to use them.

Monday: Day 1

Today we learned about using html. We learned how to set up the backgrounds on our websites. There were a lot to choose from. We put them in our folders. Afterward we had a snack. I had a granola bar and some grape juice. It was a pleasant surprise because the food here was so good. Then we went back into the computer lab and listened to an engineer who worked with fluid mechanics talked about how it works. The point was to introduce people who liked computers but didn't know what they wanted to be when they grew up to different careers. We worked some more on html and then we decided to go to lunch. We had pizza. Then we went back into the computer lab and set up the background on our website using html and nano. Afterward, we worked on our headings. Soon we learned how to use another program called Kompozer.  It was much easier to use then HTML.I met a lot of girls. Most of them go to McKinley Middle. Then we put our websites on the internet so that we could access them at home. Afterward, we learned how to put pictures on our websites.   My pictures were having problems though because they keep on posting sideways. 

Tuesday: Day 2
Today in in Computationland we had another guest visitor.  His name was Dr. Walker and he studied physics.  Then we were introduced to a program called Scratch.  Scratch is a program that lets you make stories and games.  We made a dance party first.  The characters used to perform the actions were called sprites.  There were a whole bunch of steps you used to make a script for each sprite to perform.  Then we had a snack.  It was granola bars and grape juice.  Then we went inside the computer lab and worked some more on Scratch.   We made a game to help little kids help to pack for a hurricane.  Afterward we had lunch.  I was pleasantly surprised again to fried chicken, biscuits, corn, mashed patatoes, and salad.  Then we worked on Scratch some more.  Afterward, we had a snack of oreos and coke.  Finally we updated our webpages.
Here is my first scratch: Olivia's Hurricane Game

Wednesday: Day 3
Today in Computationland I worked on several different things.  First, Electronic Arts came to us and spoke to us about getting jobs in programming and game design.  They discussed the opportunities that game designing offered.  Then we had a snack.  We had doughnuts and grape juice.  I only had grape juice because I don't really like doughnuts.  Then we worked on a program called imovie.  imovie is a program that lets you create movies.  First we practiced and played around with imovie.  Afterward, we took our pictures on the stairwell.  Then we had lunch.  We had hot dogs with zapps chips, cookies, and coke.  I gained a pound already this week.  When we got back to he computer lab, we did interviews with a partner using imovie.  Then we went on a program called Alice 3 which helps you create stories.   It was like Scratch, but it was more complex.   Alice 3 was my favorite program by far because I enjoyed creating the stories.  Afterward we had our afternoon snack.  We had fruit and lemonade.  Then we redid my interview because I couldn't hear myself.  Finally, I updated my website.
Here is the link for my interview: Interview.mp4

Thursday: Day 4
Today in Computationland Dr. Jesse Allison came and talked to us about experimental music and computers.  He can take an instrument that can only make one noise and compose something with it using the computer.  Then he talked to us about Humming Mississippi.  It was a piece using wood carved to look like the Mississippi.  Then he uses data from the Mississippi about how fast it runs and interprets it into music.  Then he attached part of a speaker to it to amplify the sound.   The music changes as the data does.  It sounds different during different parts of the day and year.  Then we had morning snack which was a granola bar and some grape juice.  Afterward I worked on Alice until lunch.  For lunch I had a quesodilla and a coke.  Then I worked on Alice some more.  Finally I updated my webpage.
Here is my link to my Alice 3 story:Alice_3