Hi, my name is Autumn and Im going to share my experience at the Alice Camp. In alice camp we learned about creating webages and computer applications.

Monday: The First Day


    This is our first day learning and creating webpages. We are desgining and putting background our webpage. Ms. Kathy helped guide through setting up an webpage. Its a lot of work... Also, Mr. Kumar, An mechcanical engingeer came and spoke to us about fluids dynamics and why engineering is very important. After we had lunch and we  continued to work on our webpage. From getting a webpage to adding a background is a lot of hard work. Two hours passed and we had an snack break and go to work. We then sarted this app called KompoZer and it was very useful. I had lot of fun doing this and I enjoyed meeting new people and discovering new things.

Tuesday: The Second Day


    Today at camp we made a scratch, we made three projects; a demo scratch, a game and working a scratch.. We did what was called a ''hurricane evcauation'' and we had to make a game where when you out your neccessary needs into a bag so that you know how to prepare for a evacaution. Ittvery hard at first but it got easy.; you almost have to think like game, it takes time.  Before lunch was around eleven, a phyiscisit called Dr. Walker came and talked to about how he got in Computer science and the physicist of water droplets. When then had lunch and contined working on scratch. two hours passed and we had our snack. So far  on Scratch we have made  a dance party, ''hurricane evcauation'', and a scratch game of our own.

Wednesday: The Third Day

    At Alice camp today the testers of EA Sports, Mr. Patrick and Ms. Sarah came and talked to us about games, testers, and how long does it take to build a game and they also told us about how many games they created it. They were very funny and really had an passion for making games... They have created so many games you cant not even keep count. They said that they always wear casual clohes to work.  No we aremaking our Alice Interviews, a friend and ourself are going to inteview each other, and get to knowthem better. I did an interview with Olivia, she a really good friend. We had to ask questions like, what are your hobbies, your favorite color, do you play any sports etc.  We uploaded the interview and our Alice3 project to our webapge. Alice 3 allows to create scences, move and make objects talk. You can hoose different ideal world and you just CRAEATE! Click here: interviewforalice

Thursday: The Fourth Day

    Today at Alice Camp we got right to work to make sure our updated sources was on our webpage. We also started on Alice3 and improved what we did the last time. Mr. Jessie Allison came and spoke to us about experiemental music and digtiatal media. He uses different music instruments  such as guitars and violin and many others. It is really interresting what Gwen's dad does. After we had lunch; we worked on our webage updating and conintue working on Alice3, Scratch, and did an interview with our companions. Im having a great time here at Alice Camp.  We had another speaker today, Ms. Tarrika and Ms. Aubrey, they showed and talked to us about Computer Science and Computer Engineering. Louisiana State University has eleven majors in; Aubrey an senior in college is an LSU engineer , she really encouraged going to college of engineering at LSU. 


Friday: The Fifth Day

    Today is the fifth day and the last day of camp. I have learned so much more about computers that I have never known. I am really gonna miss the helpers and the friends I made here. I am definetely going to come here next summer. We started off making sure our webapage is finished and updated. We then had pizza for lunch, after lunch we were still debating if we should go the the ice cream shop because of the rain.  We previewed a game on this app called GameSalad, we played the game that involved emeny's and other players then we made a game of our own. We made our ship move up and down snad shot lasers at the memey, it was pretty fun. When then had ICE CREAM! at LSU;It was really good it was worth the walk. I really going to miss this camp...  I had an great week.