Hello, My name is Emily and I'm gone to tell you about my week at Alice Camp. Alice Camp is a camp to learn more about using computers and different applications.


Today was the first day of camp. We started of the day by telling each other about our selves. Then, Ms. Kathy told us what we were going to be doing this week. Next, Mr. Kurmar, a guest speaker came in the room and talked to us about engineering. He told us very interesting things and showed us very interesting videos about engineering. After a while, Ms. Kathy told us the steps to putting our webpage together and we started working on them. A few minutes later we took a break for lunch. We came back into the room and continued working on our webpages. Today was great, I can't wait for the rest of the week!


Today was the second day of camp. We started of the day by Ms. Kathy introducing a program to us called scratch. Scratch is a program where you can make stories, animations, and games. Then, Mr. Shawn, a mathematician came in and talked about water droplets. He showed us some awesome videos! After a while, we broke for lunch. We came back from lunch and we made 3 scratch projects, a dance party, a hurricane game, and a game of our own. Click the pictures to see my projects.

Alice Alice Alice
Hurricane Game
    Dance Party     
Beach Game


              Today was the third day of camp. We started of this day listenening to the guest speakers, Mr. Patrick, and Ms. Sarah, they talked to us about electronic arts. Next, we took a group picture! Then we broke for lunch. After Lunch, we used a application called Alice3 and made our own stories. After that, we had interviews. I interviewed a girl named Annalise. It was really fun and exciting! Finally, at the end of the day we updated our webpages. Click the cat to see my interview and click the Mad Hatter to see my Alice3 project.


Today is the fourth day of camp. We started of the day by working on our websites and the the projects that we had been working on all week. Next, Mr. Jesse, the guest speaker for today came and talked about sound and music. He brought us upstairs and showed us the hummuing Mississippi. It was pieces of wood carved. On the back of each piece of wood there was a half speaker and it was live from the Mississippi River. It was awesome! Then we came back in the room and worked more on scratch and Alice projects. After a while, we had another guest speaker her name was Ms.Terrica, she told us about compuer science and engineering degrees. Finally, at the end of the day we updated our webpages. Today was great.

Today is the fifth and last day of camp. First thing this morning, we worked on our websites and other projects we had been working on this week. After that, we made these things called picmos. On picmo you can draw your own pictures. It was really fun, click the image below to see my picmo. Then Ms. Kathy introduced an application to us called Game Salad. On game salad you could make your own games. I made a game where you had to try and shoot your enimie spaceships. It was cool! I have learned so much this week and have had so much fun!