Hey, I'm Annalise and I am here to tell you about my camp adventure at the Alice in Computationland camp. At this camp we learn more about computers, different things on computers, and how to make a web page.


    Today,we met everyone and talked a little about the camp and what we are going to do.Also, we looked at the last year's camper's web pages.Then, we started to find things for our web pages.We got a snack then sat back down to listen to Mr. Kumar talk about engineering.He talked about some very intresting things that have to do with air and how air can effect things. Next, we worked on our web pages alot.Then, we had some yummy pizza lunch. After lunch, we worked on our web pages more. They showed us how you type things and how to make them the right size and color. Later, after another snack, we used kompoZer to make our web pages. KompoZer was really easy. Also, all the food was really good!


     Today the first thing we did was play around on scratch. Scratch is a program where you can make cartoons that move and do cool things. Then, we had a guest speaker named Shawn Walker. He talked about when water droplets slide, split, combine, and move. He talked about things I had never thought about much! After he talked, we had a snack.After snack, we did more Scratch. For lunch, we had fried chicken, biscuits, corns, and mashed potatoes, which were so good!After lunch, we made three different things on Scratch. We made a hurricane safety game, a game of our choice that we made up, and a dancing thing. That was fun because we could be creative and do what we wanted. After another snack, we still made our games on Scratch. My favorite thing on Scratch we did was make our dances!


    The first thing we did to today was listen to guest speakers, Mrs. Sarah and Mr. Patrick. They work at EA. They told us about all the things thay do there and about all the video games they have helped make. It was cool! After that we had snack. After snack, we started working on iMovies for our interviews. IT was fun to play around with it. Then, we went on this program called Alice3. Alice3 is like Scratch but it's cooler and I think it is easier and more fun. Next, we had lunch. For lunch, we had yummy hot dogs and hamburgers! After lunch, we played on Alice3 a little more. Then, we did our interviews. I interviewed a girl named Emily. That was really fun! After that, we edited them and updated our web pages.


    Today, we shared some of our Alice3 creations. Then, we had a guest speaker named Dr. Jesse. He talked to us about how you can make music  on computers. He showed us some of the music he has created. Also, he took us up to the second floor to show us this Missippi River sculpture thing. It is piecies of wood carved. all the carved parts represent how deep the river is in those parts of the actual river. On the back of each board, there is half a speaker that plays live sounds from the river that were changed a little on the coputer. It was really cool. Then, we went back to the room and worked on little things.Next, we had lunch. For lunch, we had tacos, mexican rice, and chips and salsa. It was delicious! After lunch, we did KompoZer and played on Alice3. Then, we had snack and after snack a guest speaker came. She talked to us about the different engineering majors you can take at LSU.  There are so  many different  ones!


Today, when we got here  worked on our webpages. We have to make sure they looked good for the judging later today.We also worked on Alice3. Then, after snack, we played around on GameSalad. GameSalad is a computer program where you can make games. That was cool! Then, we had pizza for lunch. After lunch, we worked on our webpages some before they got judged.  I was excited to see the outcome of the judging! I am sad that today is our last day because I've had so much fun. I've learned so much in just five days!


Penguin Dance




Dolphin-Dance(Alice Movie)