Hello,Im Gabby and I'm here to tell you my camp adventure at Alice In computation. In this camp we learn how to make our very own web pages, and games!!!

    Day 1:,

We started off, like every camp by indroducing and talking a little bit about ourself.Then Mrs. Kathy told us about the camp.After that we had  a chance to explore last years camper's web pages for ideas. A little later we took a break for snack which was really yummy. Then while we were eating a guest speaker named Mr. Kumar talked science to us and told us all about enginering which was actually really interesting and apparently very important to the world!We took a break and had PIZZA for lunch which is my favorite. Finally we made our very own web pages which is what your reading right now!!!

Day 2:

          We started off by Mrs. Kathy showing us a new program called Scratch where you can make your own games. We explored last years campers for inspiration. Next we had another guest speaker named Shawn, who was really cool and showed videos that didnt seem possible!The scratch was deffintly one of my favorite things so far. Then we had a buffet of food that was SLAP YOUR MAMMA GOOD!!! We got to make three games of our very own. One of mine was a dancing skater, another was a survival pack, and lastly I made a decorating game.Today was fun so I cant imagine what tomorrow will bring me!


   Day 3:

We began with two guest speakers named  Patrick and Sarah, who  were from EA a place where u make games. There company was the creator of sims which is like my favorite video game ever! Next we had our snack, donuts, which delicious. Then we got to start on our interviews which we made on iMovie. We explored and practiced on iMovie before we actually made our real interviews. My friend victoria interviewed me which u can see below. Then we went to lunch and had somse fancy burgers.Next we came back in the room and worked on a program called Alice3 where u gan make your own movies, Alice3 was my favorite program! Next we finished our interviews and loaded them up to here! This was deffentaly my favorite day so far!

click here to see my interview:
the interview

     Day 4:

         Today we stared off by loading all our work such as interviews, pictures, and other things to the web page. Then we had a guest speaker named Mr. Jesse Allison who makes music using technology which is really cool! Next we went to lunch and had some yummy tacos. We got to go on  Alice3 and explor, and  making more movies. Later We got to have another guest speaker that was actually from LSU. They showed us about the different oppurtunities at LSU. Over all it was a great day!


   Day 5:

       Yes today is the last day which is tragical because I had a lot of fun, but I still have this day and I'm going to make it last! Mrs Kathy just let us know that there will be no guest speaker just a simple relaxing day. First thing we did was finalize our web pages by finishing each day, checking our work, and uploading all of our games and videos that we havent already. Next we started on a new program called Game Salad where u can make your own game, you can go to war with the enomy ( it has no blood or people just rockets and ships)Next we went to lunch and had pizza from Pappa Johns!!! We got to have free time and go finish all our programs so they would be ready for the judging at 2:00. Today was a good way to end camp!

Alice3 winter movie