Hello, I'm Victoria and this week I'll tell you the story of my Alice Camp Adventure.

Monday: The First Day   

     This is the first day of Alice Camp and the first thing we did is we introduced ourselfs. Then we had a guess come and give us a leture on chemical engineering and other types, also what they did.The lecture was cool and fun also I learned a lot of things about engineering.After that we got a break to have a snack. Then we started to get on our web pages and learning all of the codes to change the format. At first it was so cofusing  and I couldn't  do anything. After that I  got the  beat of it. Then it was all down hill from there. Then later we had lunch and after lunch  we kept working on our web pages. It was the best first day ever!!              

 Day 2:                                 

    Today in the camp we learned how to use scratch. My first scratch project was about a dance party the spirts were dancing to the music I put on. The link to the is: DANCE PARTY. After that we made a game in scratch 2 and then we did a survival game just for fun.Then a talker came in and told us about the drop lets and how they move in slow motion then we kept on playing on scratch. Then we started to write in our web pages so this was a pretty good day. Than I had some free time and I played on the computer.So I think it was a pretty good day for me.

    Day 3:


          Today in camp we started to do our interviews, but first we had to make up the questions.After we started to make up the questions so after that we got guests come in from EA Sports. We learned that EA Sports is a company that makes 80% of the video games that we play. After that we picked our partners and practiced asking questions to each other. Then we did a practice movie on the program called I movie. Which was a little confusing, but then I saw whst they were soing and it became easier. Then we started to do your real interviews. After the EA Sports came we had our snacks which were donuts. Then after we finished the practiced movie we had lunch.The lunch for today was hotdogs and hamburgers for desery we had cookies. After that we did our interviews my partner was Gabby. Click here:interview, to see my interview. Then we started to begin our web page. And that was day 3 for me. We also did a program called Alice 3. This is the link: snow, to see the animation.

 Day 4:

       Today I started off by going back to my alice program and added a few things to that. Then we had our a guess come to the camp and talked about how you can change the pitch on the computer on a intrument. Then he brought us to this piece of art that is a sculpture of the mississippi river. Then we had some free time and so I started my web page. Then I made a new project on alice 3 and it was on the background of africa. Then I made a video out of the Alice 3 animation I did and then I had more free time again.then we had a snack time.After that  We had more and more free time so I played Alice 3. Then we had a guess come in and tell us about all kinds of engineering. After went home and I was sad! I can't believe there is only one more day of the camp. I learned so much!!! I don't to leave this camp. Bye!!!!!    

 Day 5:

       Today is the late day of Alice Camp and  I'm so so sad!!!!! When I got to camp we had some free time and Mrs. Cathy told us that there were no visitors coming today. I still can't believe that today is the last day of Alice Camp. In free time I was working on my webpage so that the people can judge it. After I make my web page is picture perfect Mrs. Cathy told us about new program I think it is called  game salad, well I think. At first game salad was soo confusing and I didn't know where to go, but then I caught.So I am now caught and feels so good and now we trying to figure out how to do something. Oh, and for snack we had juice or water and granola bars. And for lunch we had papa johns pizza, which was so good!!! We are thinking if it doesn't rain we are going to go to get some ice cream.But for now we are working on a game on the new program game salad. So I hope it doesn't rain so we can get some ice cream. I have had so much fun at this camp and I'm not ready for it to end.