Hi there, I'm Lindsey and right now I'm at Alice in Computation Land. Here I'm going to tell you the story of my time here learning how to make a website.

The First Day:

Today is the first day at this wonderful camp.  I was very excited to come.  When I first got here I saw many of my friends that I have know for a while. The first thing we did was we logged onto the computer and learned what softwares we were going to use. Next Mrs. Kathy said when someone was talking we had to close the laptops. After she said that Dr. Kumar came and talked to us about engineering and fluid dynamics. That presentation was very interesting.

The Second Day

Today is the second day, first we had a speaker came talk to us about math and engineering. It was interesting. Then we got on scratch and made a hurricane game (monkey), were we had to put the things you need in a backpack. Next we got to make our own game. Mine has comets flying across the sky and you have to click as mant comets as possible under a minute. I also made ghost dancer.  I had a good day today. Our food for lunch was really good, too.

The Third Day

Today is the third day, first we had a guest speaker come from EA. They talked to us about what they did and how, too. EA makes FIFA which is probably my favorite game because it is soccer. Now we are working on the iMovie for our interview. I have made the begining with music and some information on who is in the interview and what our parts are. Click here:interview, to see my interview. I did my interview with Chandler. We made an animation with Alice3 which was really fun. This camp is still really fun.  We also used Alice3, click the blue penguin circle.