My Alice Page

   Hello. Im Daniela and i'm going to be telling you what i've been doing and what I will be doing at Alice in Computation Land camp at LSU.

When I got here, we turned on our computers. We use a Mac Book Pro. I made a folder for the website I would make later which is what you are reading right now. Then we searched for pictures to put on our website and for our backround. Then, we started to make the website.

   Mrs. Kathy, the main instructor, told us what to put on the app called terminal (notebook for windows or micrasoft) to type in all of the codes and text to actually make the website. This speaker came to the room and told us about fluid mechanics.What a fluid mechanic does are mechanical things with liquids and gases, seeing how they work,  and how they make things with those two substances. He showed us videos about things people did with liquids and gases that were really cool. Like this bridge that got blown down was moving and shaking like water, even thought it was made out of metal and concrete. He also showed us a video of these people walking on a five foot tall pool of water and corn startch. It was so cool!!! Then we learned how to use KompoZer, which is much easier to make changes to your website than terminal. The easier things are puting pictures into your page, typing and writing the words on your page is also easier. I'll try to put an gif (very short animation pictures) into my website.

   Yay it worked!!!!! Let me tell you more about myself.
*What I Like:
-1D   -mlp   -soccer   -Every single anim
al on the planet!!!   -Mustaches

-Smosh   -socraftastic   -Making crafts, jewlery, clothes, and more.
*Sport:soccer   *Looking forward to: the world cu
p   *pet: Dog

   Day 2
We're going to learn how to do animation today!! I've just gotten here and i'm playing on Rolblox, an awesome game that i enjoy playing. I've started trying to do my video with scratch. My video is a puppy who's dancing back and forth.
We have to make a game now. My game is to keep the unicorn away from the butterflies untill they go away. It took me a while to figure out what my game was going to do, but I thought about a chasing game and I I saw a unicorn and I love unicorns :p.
   Turnes out first I had to do a game about hurricane saftey. I didn't finish it, but i'm gonna put it on this website anyway.
but good thing we get the chance to make out own games. So I have a head start!!!
I've finished my unicorn game!!! What happenes is that 2 butterflies go around the castle. What you have to do is to try to avoid the butterflies. You are the unicorn. If you disapear, that means you've lost. When that happens, press the space, right, and left keys to start over!! Here they are.
My unfinished hurricane.
My unicorn game
The guest speaker what this guy named Shaun Walker. He's a mathimatitian and he also is an engineer.  Today at lunch there was salad, chicken,  biscuts, corn, and mashed potatoes with gravy. I had everything eccept the salad. It was so good! The computer science department at LSU gave us booklets, and a flash drive! I'm exited because I keep loosing my flash drives. It's only the second day, and I'm already having so mch fun! I can't wait  for the next three days!! I hope I can come next year, and i'm going to tell my friends about it so I can have more people I know can come, too!  I can't wait for tommorow!!
Day 3
Ok. I just got here. I think we're going to learn how to use Alice. I don't know what that is, but I should find out today.
So these people cam in from Electronic Arts (EA, the video game company) and talked to us about what it's like to work for the video game industry. There are so many jobs in that area!!
Now we're doing our interviews with each other with i movie. I also took a picture with photobooth.  For snack I had three chocolate doughnuts and apple juice.  Yum :3

   So for lunch , we had hot dogs. I wasn't very hungry so I ate about half of the hot dog and 2 cookies.  Then we learned how to use Alice3, a program that lets you do animation. I started making an ancient temple. It has an aligator looking animal and a fox on it, and there's a pool with a little water. There are also some trees around it.
Now we're doing our interviews. These are the questions:
-What pets and their names
-Any siblings?
-Fave color
-Fave sport
-Fave animal
-Why your at this camp
-What you've learned at this camp
-Are you having fun
-Fave movie
-Fave thing learned
-Fave program
t school you go to.
Here it is.

Day 4
Ok, so I came in late because my grandma dropped me off. I was a little sick, but i'm better now.
   So. This guy came in and told us about making music with electronics. I will be going to a camp about that next week. For lunch, we had fajitas.
   Also, two women came and talked about what it's like to be in the engineering and computer science at LSU. One of them is a senior here and she told us what she does as a major in engineering. The other woman showed us videos about being at college doing computer science and engineering at Lsu.  It looked really cool, but I still want to  have my own store wth things that I make.
Tommorrow is the last day of camp :(.
Day 5
  Today is the last day of camp. I've learned so much and had a lot of fun. I'm hoping to come back next year. Today I think we're going to get ice cream for our afternoon snack (unless it's raining). We're also judging our webpages to see who the winners are. I was also told that we're going to use game salad, an app that allows you to make apps and games. I wonder how you can make a game that you have to earn things, or buy things to get to the next level, like clash of clans or something. Yesterday was the first game of the FIFA world cup in Brazil. They won 3-1 against Croatia! Today is Mexico vs. Cameroon, Chile vs. Australia, and Spain vs. Netherlands. The last game should be interesting because Spain beat Netherlands in the finals of the World Cup in South Africa, so Neterlands will probably want to win by a lot of goals.

Here is a video of Jenifer Lopez and Pitbull's failed performance of the world cup song in Brazil last night.
   So right now we're working on our Game Salad games. right now we're making one about shotting ships in space. In the preview, a boss came and all you had to do is shoot at it a bunch. I can't figure out how to save it. Ms. Kathy showed us a website called InterActive. It's been fun here. And i hope i can come next year.